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Name   PyAudio
Description   PyAudio is Hubert Pham's Python bindings for PortAudio, the cross-platform audio I/O library. Using PyAudio, you can use Python to play and record audio on a variety of platforms.
Principal Reference   pyaudio home page
Documentation   PyAudio home page
Version   Version 0.2.3
License copyrignt © 2006-2008 Hubert Pham, No restrictions.
Download   Binary downloads for OSX 10.4 and Windows XP/2000. Sourcecode is available from the same page and a SVN repository is also avaliable.
Dependencies   portaudio
Warnings   Note that PyAudio currently only supports blocking-mode audio I/O.
Initial Comments   PyAudio is designed to work with the PortAudio v19 API 2.0. PortAudio has been extensively tested. PyAudio ic currently built by downloading the Python wrapper code and building/compiling library with portaudiio sourcecode.It is the interface to the sound hardware of other SoniPy modules. We aim to release a directly installable version.

Later comments and Updates


20090120. Version 0.2.3. Hubert now provides installers for various platform including universal binary installs for OSX and several versions of python. Thanks Hubert!

Name   Audiolab (previously also called PyAudio and PyAudioLab
Description   A python module to make noise from NumpPy arrays, Audiolab is David Cournapeau's python wrapper for libsndfile (below). The package has been renamed a few times but as the author explains, it is not likely to change since it has become part of SciKits.
Principal Reference   Link homepage at SciKits audiolab page is probably the safest.
Documentation   Link to homepage at SciKits audiolab page
Version   Version 0.10.0
License LGPL
Download   Links at SciKits audiolab site
Dependencies   libsndfile NumPysetuptools
ctypes (from python v2.5 this is part of the standard library)
Examples   A few of the home page are well documented.
Warnings   none (...yet!)
Initial Comments   from the sources:Audiolab is a python package for audio file IO using numpy arrays. It supports many different audio formats, including wav, aiff, au, flac, ogg, htk. It also supports output to audio device (Mac OS X and Linux only). For simplicity, a matlab-like API is provided for simple import/export; a more
complete API is also available.

Later comments and Updates

Easy to install using setuptools

Name   libsndfile
Description   Libsndfile is Eirk Castro de Lopo's C library for reading and writing files containing sampled sound (such as MS Windows WAV and the Apple/SGI AIFF format) through one standard library interface.
Principal Reference   libsndfile home page
Documentation   libsndfile home page + build instructions in the source's Install file
Version   Version 1.0.17
License LGPL
Download   tarball from sourceforge, there is a link on the home page
Dependencies   none - needs to be compiled
Examples   see below
Initial Comments   Has been widely used for quite a while now. Probably a must.

Name   libsndfile-python
Description   RM's preliminary python wrapper for Libsndfile. See entry, above.
Principal Reference   lilibndfile-python home page
Documentation   libndfile-python home page
Version   Version 90.22.wooo
License LGPL
Download   libndfile-python home page
Dependencies   libsndfile NumPy
Examples   libndfile-python home page
Warnings   Uses numarray. Needs updating.
Initial Comments   We aim to convert this tool and release a build.
PS. We don't know who RM is either.


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