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20090326 UPDATE: software described here do not include large project-management tools. There are a few commercial IDEs that thus fall outside the boundaries of SoniPy. We are currently evaluating some others, such as Eric. If you have experience with Wric or other open-source python IDE and would like to write a few words about it, we'd be happy to post them here, subject to basic editorialising, of course!

Interactive Development Environments (IDEs)

A good editor/IDE is a valuable tool. I leave it to the ubiquituous Wikipedia to supply you with some background:

Suffice it to say, because SoniPy pulls code from various sources in various formats, recommend using an IDE rather than a full-blown SDK (Software Development Kit: see


Macintosh IDEs

From version 2.4 on, Macintosh specific versions of PYTHON come with an Interated Development Environment( IDEs) called "IDLE" built in. It has

  • a Python Shell window, which gives you access to the Python interactive mode,
  • a File Editor, which lets you create, browse and edit new or existing Python code,
  • a Path Browser for searching through the path of available module source files,
  • a simple Class Browser for finding the methods of classes,
  • a flexible search capability through its Find in Files dialog that lets you search through your files and/or the systems' files to find text fragments, and
  • a Debug Control Panel which provides for the symbolic debugging of Python programs.

Look in the folder Applications/MacPython X.Y (where X.Y is the version of MacPython installed; MacPython 2.4, for example.
The IDLE application icon is shown on the right.

IDLE icon

Read an introduction to IDLE here:


Other text editors: VIM

For simple, pretty text-editing, the old-faithful vi/vim has a colour-coded Python meta-keyword version, which can be downloaded from:

vim has a very useful print function that means you can print colour-coded Python to PDF and HTML formats

HELP : components

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